2012 350 sxf rad fan

Any body running the ktm rad fan on the Sxf. Any problems? Read somewhere the stator is a lot smaller on the sx compared to the xc. Runnin tight single track, no kick start so not wanting to run the bat down to quick.

Check out dirt tricks! Made specifically for the 350. I installed one a few days ago and made a significant difference in engine temp. 3 diff ones to pick from. Thermal controlled only (kicks on at 160 degrees and ramps up speed at 185. The thermister attaches to the top bolt on the water pump. Also on/off temp is adjustable) there is also one with just the on/off switch. And one with a combo of the 2 ( will kick on at a certain temp but has the on/off switch if you don't want the fan running when you shut the bike off. I would highly recommend. Prices range $110 to $160.

Just installed one this weekend. Worked great, had to do some mods to get it to fit with the rad guards on. Just fits with the sx tank.

Which switch did you go with out of the 3 options?

Just the manual switch,had to cut about a dime size piece out of my shroud to get at the switch because my rad guard support won't allow the fan to sit lower

If your a DIYer I believe this is the fan that is used in the dirt tricks kit (I ordered one to try on my 2011 350 XCF) http://www.ebay.com/...984.m1497.l2649

I'm curious why only one fan is used? When (if I'm understanding things correctly) the cooling system uses the two radiators in parallel down flow. Probably not an issue, but thought I would put it out there if someone wanted to do some explaining.[

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Yup that is the exact fan. When mine decides to caller quits ill be doing the same now that I have the fancy brackets. Im sure u could put two on. I know buddy's got one and we will do the exact same climb and ill be boiling over and he never will with the one fan running. I guess a guy could take a temp gun to the left rad and see how much a difference there is!

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