I'm a Dog. I cheated.....

...on my X.........


How dare you Krannie. :naughty:

The more that I think of it, the R is the hot blond you meet at the bar and have the night of your life with while the X is the one you go back to time after time. My guess is the fling wont last :p

I'm guessing it was a steal?

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Did you buy it?

Did you buy it?

I have committed to buy on Wednesday.

I know this bike pretty well, so it's not much a a gamble of not getting what I am expecting.

I have no fear that I will not get exactly what I am looking for. Gr ??

Good deal... I too would like to add an R someday. I just seem to get great deals on 450x's here lately :devil: The latest addition was $2600 and it was from a friend from work that bought it new but didn't know how to ride, hence all the scratches and broken rear fender. Bone stock, just the way I like it too! I'm almost done with it.

And this one is the Carbed version ... Even better

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