ktm 530 exc is finally alive

I have a 2009 ktm 530exc i bought brand new in 2010, It has around 8,000 miles of hard riding rev limiter to wide open speeds for hours and it has been bullit prof other then a stator/regulator fail because of my doing which in result fried my cdi box. I just got my new cdi and after sitting for over a year it fired right up, it has 230 hrs on it, I have checked the valves with in spec i have never had to adjust them does this sound right to other owners, I keep my air filter cleaner then my self, I am just concerned. I would also like to rebuild it i want the 570 kit or the thumper racing kit. how many hours do you guys get on your engines before a rebuild, mine burns a little oil has done it since brand new doesnt concern me because you cant smell it or see it burning i just have to add a little every now and then, i know i am all over the place here but just hoping for some input thanks everyone

The valves are fine. My 530 I adjusted at 120hrs they were still in spec just wanted to bring them back into the middle of the range again. Sold it at 300hrs and valves still did not need any adjustment


Sounds right according to what I've been told. I've never had to adjust the valves on my 09 450 XC-W but I only have 61 hours and 1100 miles on mine. I clean the air filter after every ride and change the oil about every 4th ride depending on the length of the ride. I checked my valves 10 hours ago and they were dead center within specs. My thoughts have been that I will replace the piston and rings at about 120 hours or so. I have yet to have any part on the bike fail. Its been as reliable as they come.

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