Homemade bi-xenon HID headlight Acerbis DHH

It started as an Acerbis DHH dual headlight. I wanted to go with the Ducati 1098 look, but with just a single bi-xenon H1 HID projector ($32 eBay). I am using the DDM tuning H1 hid kit (have an extra H4 kit if anyone is interested, $30 shipped) Anyway, I formed the housing out of garage door insulation foam, glued it together and used fry wall putty to smooth it out. Then I painted it with latex house paint, fiber glassed over it, cut my front hole where the projector will protrude through just a little, and then cut out the rear so the projector would fit. THen I poured MEK into the fiberglass housing to melt away all the blue foam. I am using the original mounting points, as well as the original mount that I cut off the dual headlight portion, then just glued it onto the fiberglass housing. Here are some pics of the progress.








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