51 tooth sprocket users

I have been using a 52 tooth sprocket for HS and It works great. However lately I have been riding and racing motocross and find it just a tad too low. Overall the 52 T works pretty good, especially on jumps with a short run. There is one straight that has me pretty strong in 5TH. Most people recomend the 50T, but I would like to hear from you who are using the 51T for MX. Also I run steel as they last longer, thoughts on steel vs. aluminum, not intrested in Ti or SS.

I put a 51 on mine recently, it is great for woods but I think the 50 would be better for MX. I thought the stock was a bit too high geared for MX, definately too high for woods. I think a 50 would be the best compromise, then get an extra 13 for the countershaft for real tight stuff since it is quick and easy to change and cheap too.


I also recently installed a 51 tooth rear sprocket, and it made a world of difference to me. I ride the woods, and on occasion, a motocross practice track, and I'm able to use 3rd gear on a constant basis. 2nd gear starts are not a problem, I prefer them, actually. It's kind of like having an automatic trans in your bike, as 3rd gear seems to pull forever...

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I forgot to mention I have a 10oz flywheel wt and that I need some grunt to pull my 225lbs up and over those doubles coming out of corners.49T definately too high, 52T lost too much top end, my dilema, 50T or 51?

I also have a 51 on the back since I ride mostly in the woods. In my opinion, it works great. Pulls strong everywhere and still faster on top than my friends CR 250.


I ride strickly motocross - I use a 51t Talon. It works great in most situation, especially tight supercross stuff or tight areas of the tracks. Snapping out of corners to clear a double - no problem. On certain tracks, I can use 3rd for almost the whole lap - it's like driving an automatic. However at other long smooth tracks, I find myself in 5th way too early. So I'm gonna try a 50th next season - that is starting to sound like a good compromise. Aluminum vs. steel - I would maybe use the steel ones if I was a woods rider.



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