48T sprocket on 2011 rmz250

Is anyone running a tooth smaller on the rear, need new sprockets and I'm not sure if I wanna change ratios. What are the pros and cons, I want more top end but without sacrificing too much bottom end.

That's what I'm running most of the time, I noticed no loss of bottom and no cons only pros. It allows you to stretch it's legs a bit more...

I race enduro and pony express style events. The 48t sprocket works well. The only con would be that it makes 1st a little taller but barely noticeable so the clutch gets a hiding in the slow, tight technical stuff. The pro is that you can rev out the gears longer and obviously have a slightly higher top speed. The rmz motor definitely has the punch to pull it. On one open desert style race here, I ran 14/47. Super tall. It gave the clutch a hiding in the boggy sand but the motor still pulled it okay.

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