Which one is high compression and which one is low on the fork?

High compression: 2-1/4 turns out (two turns stock)

Low compression: 16 clicks out (14 clicks stock)

I have found these specs and would like to do it but would be stupid to do it upside down

High means on top of the fork and low at the bottom ?

I know its stupid but I would like confirmation from an expert. Thank you in advance

CRF250R 2008



A:For hard-core racing we recommend this shock set-up:

Spring rate: 5.3 kg/mm

Race sag: 102mm

High compression: 2-1/4 turns out (two turns stock)

Low compression: 16 clicks out (14 clicks stock)

Rebound: Six clicks out (eight clicks stock)

Notes: Honda recommends setting the sag between 100mm and 104mm. Lighter riders should opt for the high side of the scale, while heavier riders will want to crank the race sag up.

Do you people agree or someone has better settings?

i wouldn't recommend all those settings because those are settings for the rear shock. I would use this spring calculator and see what springs you need first. http://racetech.com/ChooseVehicle.aspx

Then i would change springs according to that spring calculator. Or you can give Factory Connection or other suspension company a call and get them to check what springs you need and they could also give you baseline settings. On the front forks the compression is on top with the rebound on bottom. On the fork the red nut is high compression and the regular screw head in the middle is low compression and on the bottom is your rebound.

Thank you for the answer tvalliere220

Can you recommend the settings for the front fork. The last expert that did it. It turned out that he didn't even do the same on both shocks. I am an intermediate rider. Usually ride on hard pack soil. No trails so I presume I need more of a super cross setup.

I would appreciate the front fork : top and bottom Thank you in advance CRF250r 2008

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