banshee price?


Hard to say because you're in Australia. Prices in the States are much lower. That could be a $3000 bike here in Canada so maybe around there, maybe more. I'm not sure what your prices are like down under, just compared it to other banshees for sale in your area and if you think it's fair and you like the bike, go take a look. I'm sure you can always talk him down as well.

yeah i mightve shot a little low because theres a bunch for sale in illinois for cheap but its clean long as it runs smooth id give him 3k

Just to let you know. The price beyond 4k may not be worth it. But I love my banshee. She speaks the same language I do. And that is worth the extra 1k put into building her into a 400. Be proud to have a banshee. It's not everyday you get to ride A trex and blow your own and everyone else's mind. Proud to ride a banshee. Mines 2003

Thanks for the feedback guys

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