xr70 with xr80 suspension and lifan 125

The pit bike/ fiddy craze is goin wild here in louisville, ky. I did the fiddy thing for a while, went on street rides where we stayed on the back wheel. but I'm 6'2 230lbs. And I'm hooked on trails so I decided to throw together a trail capable pit bike. heres what I got-

xr70 frame with xr80 forks and swing arm. the swingarm wasn't hard to fit if you have a welder and an angle grinder. You have to cut the mid-section of the swing arm mount bar to fit around the 70 frame. and you have to weld the shock mount further down the frame from the factory shock mount.

here's the frame, notice the factory shock mount is still there but not used.


Here's the roller sittin next to a friends ct70



and here she is with her new lifan motor from ebay shipped to my door with everything needed for ~ $300, I got the semi-auto, great for climbin hills and trail riding



and on the simple carrier I made for my jeep


I had the motor installed and running within 2 hours of the fedex guy dropping it off, install is very easy and straight-forward.

The wheel base is about 50.5"

I'd bought a 120 link chain for it and cut about 8 links off

the bike rides great, suspension does what it's supposed to. It does not sink or sag much when I sit on it, maybe an inch or so.

The lifan motor has plenty of power, pulls me up hills real good a lot of times 2nd gear does it.

This is awesome. Can you post close up pictures of the swing arm mod and shock mount relocating place

cool build 

I see this is an older post but I was wondering if your stock clutch cable worked ok for this swap, I seem to be having trouble with my swap (99xr70-Lifan 125cc)

There is no clutch cable with a semi-auto trans...

Lifan 125 is indeed a clutched motor

Did you happen to overlook this comment in the original post?



I got the semi-auto, great for climbin hills and trail riding...


As I stated above, you do not have a clutch cable with a semi-auto engine, I never said it didn't have a clutch.

Apparently I didn't see that it was a semi-auto motor, sorry for the confusion

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