Hey guys i need some help, its my first time posting so go easy on me if im not in the right place or it was already covered in another thread.

One of my friends is looking to get a Suzuki RM 125, it is an older one like my 89 yz 250 (Not sure the year yet, but late 80s early 90s i think. i will update as i get more info), but thats all we can afford for right now are semi old bikes (And my yz dont look bad, some day i will find out how to put a pic up), they are cheap thrills for us. But I was wondering if they were problem ridden bikes. I know about the whole facter of the age and it would be hard to find parts part im not to worried about it as of right now. I am also very mechanically inclined, so im not worried about an engine and transmission tear down if necessary. But i would like to avoid the bike if it had alot of problems. And just have him save what he would spend for rebuilding it or fixing it, and put it towards a new bike.

This is also his first bike, he rides my 250 just fine, being how the yz 250 was my first dirt bike i ever rode, so anytime we are not on the ground is classified as riding it good.

All bikes have thier problem areas after many hours of use and you'll find out what they are after you own it long enough. Any good running, non bent, non leaking bike with good rubber that you can afford to get started in the dirt will be fine no matter what year or brand. You shouldn't have to tear into engines/trans if you by the right bike and if they blow up... Part them on ebay and buy another, otherwise you'll never get your money back on a old bike imop.

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