'08 KTM 250 XCF-W

I recently just bought a '08 KTM 250 XCF-W and "I'm Loving It!"

I will post some pictures later on. :ride:

I got one too! Its a total turd with stock jetting. Jet it and love it.

Lol, already done. Along with a few other goodies!

I will list my mods when I get a good hour, Lol!

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They're nice bikes.....I was out riding my wifes 250xcf lastnight over my 500 and I forgot that they have ZERO torque compared to the 500. I crashed pretty hard as I was trying to double a couple logs and when I wicked the throttle open there was nothing there. I slammed into the second log and yard saled into the trees......

Yea that happens from time to time, clearing jumps out of turns is a nightmare at times... Buddies on the 450 crossers just brapp right over in second, they use torque, I use speed and rpm. Mine is stock minus the dealer pulled some goofy baffle thing out of the pipe, JD jetting, a GPR4 and a trail tech X2 light.

All The Pictures Were Taken On The First Ride.



After Washing It.



Put In The Shop For The Week



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