Alpinestars Tech 3: regular or ATV

It's time to get some good off road boots to use for trails and dual sport use. Would I be better off with the lug sole or regular sole? I like the feel of a flat sole on the peg's just not sure it would be a good for what I want.

I have the tech 3 all terrian boots. The soles actually have some grip and it works well in the mud and the like, I have never tried a moto-X boot that is flat bottomed so I can't really give you a comparsion.

ATV if you do any amount of trail riding... you will thank me when your standing in the muck

I would have to agree with vwdetour on that .allthough I personally can't use big boots on the drZ because in to short haha I use in between boots but I'm mostly a street rider but I have tech 3s and on my old smaller dirtbike they were the cats meow

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The Tech 3 are great boots , real value for money

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