Xr250r Tire size?

Whats the stock 2000, rear 250r tire size? I know its and 18" but Im about to get a new one and want to know if i should stay the same or go bigger and or wider? And whats the pros and cons of different sizes? I know it will affect overall gearing, but what else?

I think stock size is a 100/100-18 or a 110/100 at the most.

100/100-18, 120/90-18 (approx. the same size) or for a touch bigger go 110/100. Anything over a 110/100 (like 120/100 or 140/80) might be getting a little to big for a XR250.

Bigger rears give more flotation on soft soil but do not turn as quickly and may feel loose with low pressure on hardpack. They also weigh more so for smaller motors it's best not to go to big. Smaller rears will handle better and as long as your not in sand all the time you really won't see the difference in straight line traction.

Now thats a fast response!

I have a 53 tooth rear sprocket, so turning it isn't a problem. But i see what you mean. Im so light a bigger tire probably wouldn't help anything in certain situations. A 110 sounds good, Although i did stick a 120/100 kenda Millville on ny buddy's 250r looked great and got amazing traction.

What happened with the trials tire?

The trials tire just seems better suited to slightly drier areas and with a tubliss system.

Im too worried about the mud and the slick sidehilling we do on alot of our trails. There's just no way that thing will hookup, but i know it would do great on other parts of the area.

Now when i move out west in a few years im convinced the trials tire will be amazing out there and I'll put one on.

Right now im looking at a Michelin StarCross MH3, the kenda Millville 2, or possibly the shinko pro 255 radial, which looks pretty aggressive or for a trials.

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