XR200 AGE?

Hi, how can I tell the age of an xr200 ?

I have a 81 r and have just picked up another that looks the same but has a few different parts

the latest one to me has no gas tank for the shock and the forks do not have the line around them at the top

the frame no is me04 engine is me04e

many thanks for your help



The bike in the pic is an 81-83 XR200R (mono shock open cradle frame).

ME04 is the model code for the 81-83 XR200R so the frame and engine are correct.

You'll need to dive deeper to nail down the year closer than that.

The tenth digit of the chassis VIN is the model year code; B=81, C=82, D=83.

Dealers have a book with engine serial number ranges for each year.

The shock should have a reservoir, look for the hose attach point on the shock. Stock shock is 13 1/4" long C-C.

Honda forks usually have a product code cast into the slider where the fork boot attaches; 81-83 XR200R is KA2, 79-84 XR185/200 is 446 .

Thanks Chuck

The tenth digit of the chassis is a c so 82, I will check out the nos on the forks in the morning I will also check the fork nos on my 81 as they are the same to look at other than my 81 has an inch or so that stick through the top yoke and has a groove in it so as to know how far it goes up / or down.

I will let you know what I find

thanks again

Chuck, I had a look at the weekend after we came back from motocross, and no id on forks but they are around 3 inch longer than the forks on my 81

Now do I use these on my twin shock project Honda ? or should I fit them onto my 81 200r ?


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