Kawasaki EX250 or EX500 in dirt bike?

School me if this is the wrong forum. I normally hang out in the Honda 2-stroke dirt bike group.

I've got some old MX chassis' laying around (red ones) and was wondering if an EX250 or EX500 engine swap has been done before and if it would be fun to ride in dirt?


Torque probably wont be good.

I bet it's been tried. How would you line up the sprockets. I think it would be impossible to make it work well. So many problems.

Heavy underpowered junk.

there's a whole section over @ adv on thus very topic.[street converted to dirt or something like that].... Some pretty cool stuff from some very talented people.... I had a Ninja 650r converted to dirt for a while, a fun little project. Does Ok if you are looking for something similar to a KLR, but you'd have to do a ton of work and engineering, or a lot of trial and error if you're looking for something with race performance.... They do turn some heads though...... Does TT give you any space for pictures, or do you have to use photo bucket or something ?

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