Intake without the airbox

I searched the KX450F forum and really couldn't find the answer I'm looking for, so I hope you guys might have the answer.

I run my bike in both the winter (with the Timbersled Mountain Horse snowbike kit) and summer . During the fall we decided to do some experimenting and we gutted the bottom of my airbox to try to prevent snow buildup.... it really didn't work all that well. So, here I am ready to put the tires back on and I knew I would be looking at having to buy a new stock airbox that didn't have a hole in the bottom. Question is, are there better options out there that use a pod filter type setup with an oiled filter? I'd be fine with removing the intake boot and drilling a hole for the temp sensor, but I want to make sure that my decision isn't going to end up having me buy another OEM airbox at the end of all this.

OEM airbox is $110... so I'm not afraid of a $150 solution that will probably be easier to clean and maintain than taking the seat off each time and fussing around in an oily dirt box.

ive thought about it a few times, but to get enough air you would need a filter as big as the size on it now which would require a boot long enough to go into the empty space in the subframe left from the removed air box. So then it circles back to why not just gut the air box as much as possible.

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