New Honda Grom .. a modern day CT70 only a 125.

Wow, that thing looks fun. But damn 225 lbs for just a 125 4t no thanks Jeff!!!

If long island wasnt such a useless wasteland for roadracing, I'd love one

Ill take the FI system.

I want one. I bet you could drop 10-15 pounds off of it and I'm sure there will be a big bore kit for it in the near future. Would be an awesome bike with 20hp and if I was still in college.

Looks pretty sweet to me. Would probably be fun to get around town on plus a good bike for the girlfriend to learn on.

For the urban environment, it looks interesting. A baby Brutale? ;) I think it's pretty cool personally.


It's called the MSX 125 over in Thailand. In their MSX 125 forum they have big bore kits, fairing kits, single / dual exhaust, etc.

The GROM is waaay cool

Only 9 HP...

like a lil Mini Me bike....haha

i had a zb50 

sold it to get a gromm but that hasnt happened yet 

the zb barley had enough power to get you outta trouble if you were smaller for a bigger guy its a no go 

havea friend that has one of the groms there sweet and super quiet 

Was in the dealer get parts for my dirt bike and stopped to look at one of these- they are tiny! The MPG & price are appealing but think I'd rather get a CRF250L... or at least dream about getting one :o

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