Cracks or Casting Imperfections, you be the judge.

I severely over-tightened the oil drain bolt (At least a few times because I thought that was what was leaking.... oops), I didn't strip it, but I have heard of the drain cracking before, which led me to inspect the bottom. At first I thought for sure these were cracks, but after looking again, I'm thinking casting imperfections? Do your bikes have similar marks? Or did I put cracks in it?



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The short one in the valley is a casting mark, you can see it's raised. The others probably are too.

I don't see a crush / seal washer under the head of that bolt.


A torque wrench is your new best friend.

There is a crush washer, it is just severely crushed.... i have a torque wrench now, and that is when i realized how far it was overtightened. I can tell the one in the valley is a casting mark, its the others that concern me.

You heavy-handed mechanics should be using a 1/4" drive socket set with six-point sockets to work on motorcycles.

I agree with you completely. Noted :) bajarambler, whats your opinion on the marks? Casting or crack?

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I hope they're not cracks. I can't really tell from the photo. Just watch for seepage. You could also watch the line as you tighten it to see if you can detect movement.

Oh yeah, those hi res pics make all the difference. I say casting marks.

Any other appraisals?

I'd say casting marks. It looks like both cases have them and since they're on the bottom of the engine, they saw no reason to perfect it.

Oh yeah, those hi res pics make all the difference. I say casting marks.

For sure! :thumbsup:

If you must know right away, see if you can polish them out.

Polish... how?

Polish... how?

Start with some 400 or maybe 220 silicon carbide sandpaper and go finer from there.

I think if it was badly cracked you'd see oil making its way out.

Polish... how?

you should do as suggested and polish that up to see if it disapears or if new seepage occurs. One of those looks like it could be a crack that maybe is not all the way through to the journal.

Crush washers are replaceable items, I replace mine after every three or four oil changes. Since yours has disapeared it might be time to replace it.

Casting marks. No worries.

For the record, I've determined that they are definately casting marks. Carry on! :thumbsup:

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