Best place to drop off a top end to be redone!

Where is the best place to send in my top end to get literally everything done? I just bought a big bore kit for my 2004 RMZ 250. Also let me know the prices, thanks.

Sent my head to pro circuit. Spent $900 to get all valves, vlave seals, valve seats, and port/polish. Very very happy. I have a 290 BB and the port polish really woke it up.

Is that with parts cost? Or is it just to be done? That seems a bit pricey..

Parts, labor, and shipping from NY to CA.

D. I. Y.

Cant do it myself mate, I dont trust myself enough. I just need prices on getting my head done, piston, and jug all redone. And prices without parts and shipping.

Dirt bike motors are very easy to rebuild. Top end even more so. I am a fan of procircuit dont get me wrong. Some people dont even make $900/month. If youre winning races/purses, then it is worth the winning edge. But for 9 bills, i could do a full rebuild(bottom end too) and get new sprockets and tires for my newfound power. Have confidence. Get a manual and a torque wrench and youre set

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