Canadian Online Kawasaki OEM Dealer That Ships to USA?

Hello. Does anyone know of a Canadian company that sells OEM Kawasaki parts online and will ship them to the USA? Is there a Canadian equivalent of a Ron Ayers / Bike Bandit / etc.?

I am wanting to see if it is cheaper / better to get the part(s) from Canada than UK.

Thank you. might...

It looks to me like Partzilla is a US company, not Canadian.

Parts are not cheaper in CDN. You will not 'beat the dollar' buyng out of country. A cheap reseller is a cheap reseller, no matter what country.

A $75 piston in the US is about $76.50 in CDN. Then add shipping and customs.

I am not hoping they would be cheaper. I want a part for a 2006 KX125, which was available in Canada, but not here. Any US online dealer website won't pull up the part number for it. The part was not on any US-available Kawasaki.

I already have found AUS and UK sellers, with UK being a little cheaper than AUS.

i'm willing to get you a price from our Kawi dealer and ship. You can by me a beer or 2 if I ever get to Alabama.

if you're interested, pm me the part #.


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Thanks for replying.


(clutch cable)

Alabama, USA

i'll call them tomorrow and let you know.

Ah, now it makes sense.

Have you tried cable 54011-0040? It is for the 2005 USA KX125.

You don't work there??

Ah, now it makes sense.

Have you tried cable 54011-0040? It is for the 2005 USA KX125.

That is for the older "not on the fly adjustment" perch. In 2006, they went with the 2005 KX250 "on the fly adjustment" perch, but it requires a different cable, not apparently available online in the USA. I prefer the "on the fly" style that came on my 2005 KX250 instead of the kind on my 2005 KX125. Thanks and sorry for the confusion.

Are there ANY online Canadian OEM Kawasaki parts dealers??

Makes perfect sense. Odd that the 250 cable will not also fit the 125.

Best of luck!


This is about the cheapest you'll find in Canada. Not US prices but I'm sure cheaper than the UK.

I know that from here in Canada anyways they'll give you an additional 10% if you order by phone.

Damn just realized I'm pretty sure these guys get there parts from the US....

Send them a line see if they can help...

Thanks, but they don't show the 2006 KX125.

Price info PM'd


They can hook you up no prob.

You will buy nothing in Canada cheaper then what you can buy in the states. period!


Please point me to a USA based dealer selling a 2006 KX125 clutch cable in the USA. Thanks for your help!

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