TPS unplugged

I unplugged the TPS on my 07 yz450 and it ran much better,no sputter and less popping.Now the question is do I just leave it unplugged or buy a new one?I don't race just ride trails open roads and pit riding.The bike seem to work fine with it unplugged,didn't notice any difference in power.

Unplugging will affect part throttle, light to medium loads the most. Ride it awhile and see what you think.

light to medium loads is when it used to pop and not be smooth,seems to be better now but I only had 1 ride,will try it some more.

I heard about this and tried it on my 426, ran like a complete pos.

First ride since unplugging and ran it in colder weather where it acted worse and it ran great.Think I will be leaving it unplugged for the time being,when it gets warmer I may try it again.

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