need help to convert XR650R front wheel to fit XR650L

Is there a way I can convert a XR650R front wheel (with no disc) to fit my 650L? If soo, how to? If somebody in this forum did the conversion, It would be greatly appreciated to tell me how (which disc to buy or what size, special bracket neened for caliper, ect...) Thanks. John.

It will fit WITHOUT the disk on....... the disk is mounted closer to the fork leg on the L hub so the brake mounts are diffrent on the L fork

The forks and front wheel on the L are really the only of its type......

There is no other dirt bikes front hub that will work with the brake mounts on the L forks

What /why are you trying to do?

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Hey Kyron,

Thanks for replying. I have a 2001 XR650L. I' like to convert my bike to SM so last fall, I bought a used set of wheels for a "XR650" as the local add was mentionning, This spring I tried installing the wheels (starting with the front one that has no disc) and found that the wheels are for a 650R and not a 650L. So I'm stuck with these wheels. I've heard that it could be possible to modify the front Wheel of a "R" to fit a"L". but so far no luck in trying to find the info (or even if the project is possible)...that's the story...Guess I have to find a solution or sell the wheels ( if I can find someone interested).



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