Adjustable Throttle Stop

There have been several threads regarding how to safely introduce new riders into trials and help prevent the old whiskey throttle problem some new riders can have. Stu found this adj throttle stop assembly from Jitsie and I think it may be a good idea for some folks who want to limit the throttle position range until the student is more comfortable with the controls. Click on thumbnail below for photo.

Adj Throttle.jpg

Edited by laser17

Good idea.

My problem was the throttle twist was too light compared to my other bikes so I swapped out the Delorto slide return spring for one from a XR, a stiffer return spring could also help a new to Trials rider.

I use the same sort of thing for the exact opposite reason on my stunt bike! Keeps the "idle" up around 3000-5500 rpm depending on what I'm doing.

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