Struggling to start my Yamaha TT600

I've done everything i can, but bike still struggling to start. Don't know if it's weak spark, to lean to start etc.... Any suggestions?

I'd start with the basics first, new oil, oil filter, clean air filter, new gas, new spark plug, etc and go from there.

Can you bump start it? Starting a big 4 stoke takes practice.

check the pilot jets float level, and fuel flow to the carbs.also the compression release adjustment and valves

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Test the stator , check the valve clearances ... Assuming you have good compression , make sure the fuel supply is clean AND free flowing .

I've found on more that one occasion that the little resistor in the spark plug cap went bad.

Several times, unscrewing the brass-colored fitting inside the cap and replacing the resistor with a similarly-sized piece of steel (like a 4mm screw with the head cut off) did wonders for starting on a big thumper that was older.

My 1983 TT-600K (and 1983 XT-550K) were so easy to start, it was ridiculous.

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