Looking for a family to ride with (kids)


I am looking to teach my 2 oldest boys to ride, we have a JR50 and an Xr80r, along with my Xr250r. We live in a townhouse therefore haven't our own place to ride. I would like to find a friendly family to ride with, I feel that having other kids to ride with will make it a bit easier for my boys to pick it up. We are a respectable family who are raising our kids with a good sense of old fashioned values and respect, I think it would be a good opportunity for them. We live in the 495 rte2 area.

I have a step son that is 10 he rides a xr70 and my daughter is 11 and she rides a 110cc chinese pit bike. Unfortunately in mass you cant ride at state forests yet. I have an email out to hodges village damn.not sure about there yet as it is run by the army and not state land. 1 parent gets pissed cause her kid died (very unfortunate)and it screws every other responsible kid that has been riding for years. My daughter has been riding since she was 4. Shes not fast ,but loves it,she does competition gymnastics so the kids get to ride maybe 4 or 5 times a year. But when we all go riding we have to go to rocky hill in CT or Crow Hill up near RT. 2 and 202.

Ranger is going to tell you all mass laws apply. We go through this from time to time because its inside the state.

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