Braking 320mm relocation bracket help!

I just rushed home to get my new SM setup on I got from Forrest at Wheeling, awesome products and great guy to buy stuff from.

Everything went together smooth (I'm still waiting on a new chain and brake pads) except for the oversided brake rotor. I pulled the inner pad out to get the wheel on. After everything was on, I tried putting the inner pad back in after the rotor was set inside the calipers. but it almost seems like the rotor is a tad too wide or the pad is too thick and it won't slide back in. They're stock pads for now till I get my new ones in a couple days. Do I need to get certain pads to fit, to what seems to be thicker brake rotor? Or is it operator error and I'm just missing something?

I know the picture doesn't help you guys in this situation but I love how it looks, now I just want to ride!! :ride:


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Make sure the pistons are pushed all the way in on the caliper.

You will have to push the piston on the caliper in to make room. I use a c-clamp.

the b

ike looks good.

Ok thanks guys, I'll try that when my new pads come in!

Remember to check your fluid level when fitting the new pads, you may need to empty some out if you have been topping it up...

Probably best to feed it some fresh fluid

Looks sweet, but please do something about your chain!

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