Nickel Plating cylinder Question.

My cylinder has damage from my ring on my 03 YZ 250. I checked around and was told to send it to US Crome to have it nickelsil. I have a shop near me that plates soft and hard nickel. Can I have the cylinder hard plated or do I have to plate it with Nickelsil?

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Nikasil is hard and extremely wear resistant. What plating did the shop suggest?

The shop has two processes. One is a soft nickel I'm 100% sure that will not work. The second Is a hard Nickel they use for landing gear pistons. Not sure the name but they had no idea what nickelsil was so I thought I would ask here. They are charging me $75 to plate the cylinder.

75 bucks would be a screaming deal... But, I'm getting the feeling they don't exactly know what they're doing in the way of motorcycle cylinders. Also, Nikasil isn't just nickel plating. It's nickel with silicon carbide suspended in it. Really the nickel just holds the silicon carbide, which is extremely hard, and the piston and rings ride on top of the silicon particles... Go with someone you know can do the job correctly. The big players are US Chrome, Powerseal, and Millennium Technologies. I use Millennium and I will say that the work they've done for me is top notch.

PS, also check your cylinder for cracks... seems like every yz250 from this time frame gets cracks from between the main and sub exhaust ports by the time it needs a replate. Not a death sentence though, one of the above shops can fix that.

$75 !! Post a pic of there work, install and let us know. I'd send them my cylinder for that price!

$75 - if its too good to be true....

Nikasil is a trade name, it is actually a nickel silicon carbide composite plating that is somewhat common in other industries. If the plating company is using their coating on landing gear then they likely are plating to meet a certain Mil spec, ASM spec, or an ASTM spec, ask them what specs they meet and you can get an idea of what the plating will hold up to. If their plating doesn't meet any of the common specs then try to get any information you can about it, what is the hardness, what thickness range can they plate within, etc. There are many landing gear parts that require nickel silicon carbide plating, so it is likely that this is what the shop near you is using.

Make sure that they understand that you only want the inner bore plated, $75 seems awful cheap for the masking required to plate only the inner bore. That sounds more like the price to plate the entire cylinder inside and out.

Also ask if their nickel process is electroless or not. Electroless nickel will give a much more even thickness throughout the bore. Typical electroplating will tend to be thicker near the top and bottom of the bore unless special fixturing is used to help prevent this, and even then it is hard to get an even thickness through the whole bore.

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Plating the entire cylinder..... hmmmm....

Plating the entire cylinder..... hmmmm....

My thoughts exactly... whats the down side?

My thoughts exactly... whats the down side?

I'm geussin heat expansion would be a problem where you have a softer metal encapsulated by nickel. Two different rates of expansion. Give it a balloon effect. All speculation. Bet greyracer would know... lol where ya at grey?

I got a couple extra cr250 cylinders we can experiment on. Gotta rebuild the engine anyway.

I'd save your $75 and go to millennium. Thats a price for a nickel dip at a chroming shop. They might nickel plate your cylinder but I highly doubt they can competently hone your cylinder out to match your new piston like a true automotive machine shop would. I'd hate to see u waste your money only to find out your piston won't slide into your cylinder.

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