2003 XR80R Jetting

Hey guys, first post here. Just picked up an '03 XR80 to go along with my '05 CRF150 and am a bit stumped on the jetting for the carb. It is my first time really tinkering around with a dirtbike and while it seems easy enough, I can't seem to find jets that fit my carburetor. It is the Keihin PC20J carb and I tried bumping up the main jet to a 100 and the pilot to a 40. The ones I ordered which were supposed to fit my carb ended up being slightly too big and it seems to be the only option I can find online. I've read other posts online about people rejetting them, I just don't know which jets they used or where to find them. Any ideas? Thanks.

I had to change my main jet in my Husky and I was able to pick up a couple of sizes from a Kawasaki dealer. Keihin carbs are pretty common and most bike shops stock various jets - they were about $10 bucks ea.

They had a box of assorted sizes. Take yours in to compare to save confusion. Hope ya get it sorted :)

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