2002 warrior 350


hi i got this four wheeler from a friend. it has this ticking or slaping sound going on. still runs good though. still has power. we adjusted the valves and still the sound. im thinking the timing chain is worn or something on it. but iv never messed with one. i know on the left side is the cap that comes off but idk what to do after that. please help.or any other suggestions on what it could be?

I had same thing in my 400ex . Its really wierd because i adjusted valves then I changed to a thicker timing chain and started the bike with no oil for a second and it stopped slapping, i then put oil in it and i started to slap so idk! Chane your slides and tensioner while your at it.

Take out the center bolt, this is the spring. Then take out the other 2 bolts. If there is little to no adjustment left then a new chain is needed. Warriors are a noisy motor as is

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