Need to pass sound check

I have a 2001 WR250F with a DRD exhaust and it won't pass the AMA sound check. 96 decibals at 5000 rpm's. It blows 102 and I just repacked it. I put a yoshimura insert in it and it still was at 100 decibals.

The DNR in the stated allows for 96 at 3750 rpm's and it will pass that.

What exhaust systems will pass the AMA sound check? I'm guessing a used stock one will.

I'm wondering if this Q2 silencer from an 03 would fit my bike since the strap on the can is adjustable.

I installed a factory 4 system that was for the '03 and newer bikes on my '01 wr. The adjustable band clamp works just fine. I bet you will be happy with the Q muffler.

First, I'd like to thank you for wanting to be in compliance and have a good muffler on your bike. Good for you.

So to your question... Not sure about the DNR MN sound testing. I see they have 96db listed in the regulations, but they don't spec a test rpm. At the MN competition events, a 250cc four stroke is tested at 5500 rpm and the sound level is 94db. I am not sure if the DNR has adopted those numbers though.

On the trail, I'm not sure how much sound testing the DNR does, BUT I can tell you this- You want a good muffler in the woods. There are other people out there, nearby residents, and also for yourself- a loud bike gives you a headache eventually.

For your bike with the Dr D, you probably can't do a lot for it to get it down there. Those old Dr D mufflers were horrible loud and it would take some sort of major cork to get those mufflers anything close to trail level sound testing. You probably have to go shopping for something different.

FMF has made a few different designs over the years. There were a couple versions of the Q muffler but they were only OK in performance. Next, they made the Q2 which performed better but is at the ragged edge of acceptable level. Then, came the first version of the Q4, and those work pretty good, both in performance and sound output. Currently, FMF makes a new Q4 which is supposed to be the deal.

If you are thinking low bucks, a YZF muffler with a DB Dawg would get you in the ball park. The DB Dawgs work ok, but they keep a lot of heat in the muffler and tend to burn up the packing a little more quickly.

Thanks for the feedback. Still listening.

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