Suspension question

So my dad has a 2001 kdx 220 and its always seemed like the front forks have been pretty soft and can sag from time to time. Also the other day I found a little oil on the tire that im guessing is from the right fork. When ever I hit a jump the back end shoots up im guessing because the rear is perfect and the front is crap. My dads one of those guys that if it still works don't touch it so it looks like this will be on me. I need some help because I don't know anything about suspension hardly. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

Are the springs stock? Whats the riders weights? Sag setting? Have you adjusted clickers at all?

Stock the fork springs on the kdx are very soft, and there is a definite unbalance with the rear. I weigh about 180 lbs and did 0.41 kg/mm fork springs in mine. I believe stock is 0.36. Even with new springs the valving is plenty soft

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