Can't decide on a seat

I have an 09 ktm 200xc-w which needs a new seat badly.

I race harescrambles and I'm having a hard time choosing a new seat. I want a pretty firm seat so I can move around on it easily but being only 160 pounds I know I'm not going to be putting a ton of pressure on the seat. I have a tendency to rip covers, and slide all over when the seat gets muddy. Anyways, I have four options:

1. Gutsracing seat foam and cover, It is going to be more expensive and take a bit of work putting it together. Heard its the best foam out there, not sure if I should get firm or medium though.

2. Enduro Engineering Standard height complete seat, worry it will be too soft. not sure how durable the cover is. Cheapest option.

3. Acerbis x-seat, seems like a great idea, very mixed reviews. Worried it will be too hard for how light I am and that the grip will wear off. Also fairly expensive

4. KTM Hardparts Step-up seat , Read it is a better foam then the stock foam, many racers like the step up, will keep me forward on the bike all the time. Worried it will just get in the way, not sure if I ever need to slide back while riding. Useful on hills and mud.

What do you guys think? Any other options? complaints or complements on any particular seat?

X-seat is good for monkey butt... I wouldn't run one of those for HS racing. It was bad enough on an MX track.... Guts is the way to go, especially if your bike is long term.

Is the foam for your current seat too soft?

I have no firsthand experience with these guys, but I've heard great things about Moto Seat from quite a few well-known riders on instagram. It looks like they offer replacement foam as well as some well made looking covers.

I like the X-seat, ya its firm but it offers great grip and durability. Its firm but you should be standing anyway....

I would also have to say the X-seat. its rock hard but once you get used to it you'll be fine. its Grip is Awesome!

I thought soft seats create monkey butt. Does the x seat being so hard cause it too? That's the last thing I want. Anybody used a step up seat for the woods?

The x seat is super hard, rough on the cheeks .. you can get used to it, but sitting is part of HS racing... the Guts foam is comfy when you are sitting and is quality. I have never heard of soft foam causing monkey butt, unless you are on the base...Never liked a step seat...

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How does the ee seat compare to guts racing? I like how its cheaper and put together.

I love the EE seats. I have them on all my KTMs. I like cushy though. I'm 155lbs. no natural cushion on my bones.

EE is a good seat for the price and convenience.

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