08 450R-swingarm bearing needle

Was going thru my new 08 [ 12 hrs on it ] and greasing up things. The right swingarm bearing needle is longer than the left side. This messed me up as I did not notice this when I took it apart. So when i re-assembled the swingarm, the right side needle stuck out from the seal on the inside about 1/4 to 3/8". I could not figure out why this was, and thought I had grown my needle bearing on the right side. So I fitted it up and sure enough it was OK.

Question is: the exposed needle bearing surface should be covered with a light coat of grease to prevent rust or whatever from attacking the surface? Thanx

Referring to the needle bearing collars undoubtedly. They do stick out past the seal and will rust a bit. Regular maintenance and a little emery cloth cleaning, only on end that is exposed, will keep it in check. The internal surface will stay smooth with proper greasing.

Yes, needle bearing collar. Thanx. I didn't want to grease it up because it will just attract dirt. I live in the dry southwest and think I will just keep an eye on it as it hardly will ever get wet riding.

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