99 cr125r stator source/info needed

i have talked to electromotive and ricky stator and neither have any upgrade stators for a 99 cr125 anaymore.

i talked to a shop locally who are able to certify my bike to be road legal, and i have found everything i need for lights plate mount etc but i need a stator upgrade.

i could run a battery that can run the light a few hours on its own and charge it after i ride but it seems a lot more practical to run a small battery and a better stator... unless the stock one can keep a battery charged while running.

im looking at a light that has a 12w running light and a 35w headlight, so 1a and just shy of 3a of draw + im estimating another 2a for the tail/brake light & turn signals, all led. so 3a draw during day which will be 98% of my riding and 5a at night.

a 16a/h battery can handle 3a for 5hrs and 5a for 3hrs

anyone know my best option?

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