2002 CR125 >> 144: which jugs work?

If I was going to pick up a 2002 CR125 needing a rebuild by making an insultingly lowball offer that the guy takes because I bring c-notes and a truck, and just go with the original motor rather than swapping in a KDX or CR5, what is the best way to do that? I'm a pretty big guy, but kind of interested in seeing how a 125 works because a lot of the riding around here is just slaloming through trees on flat land. If there's going to be mud or steep climbs, I have bigger bikes for that. So I'm thinking a 144 or 144 and stroker crank combo would get it done.

I know the 2002 jug won't take a 144 by itself. Looks like '92-99 and '05-07 jugs will take the 58mm bore. Will all of that range bolt onto the '02 cases with correct adjustments, or is it a smaller range that's compatible? Earlier jugs seem to be easier to find, but from what I've seen, they will need either the cases filled to match the transfers or the transfers ground out to match the cases of the 2002. Any solid, experience-based opinions on which approach is better? Does it change for a bigger displacement (better matched to the increased case volume)?

Should one stay with 144 for a non-competitive build to keep the $/hour sane? How much worse are the stroker maintenance schedules?

For a woods bike, would it be worth just dropping in the KDX and getting even lower maintenance requirements than the 125 along with proven woods-friendly power and gearing?

The 92-99 cylinders bolt right on. Per some other posts, you do need to match the cylinder ports to the case. Eric Gorr told me that if you do a 58mm bore and stroker crank (making the bike a 153), piston intervals are about every 15 hours. The longer stroke really puts stress on the piston skirts. I have a 144 from him in my 94 125 and I currently have nearly 40 hours on the top end with little blow by. I don't think the 05-07 cylinders work on the 02 bottom end.

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