im new and i got a wr250f 04

hello im new u lot are probably hate me because 17 and i tend to bodge everything lol

anyway i have an 04 250f ive managed to fit my yz450f exhaust on the 250 but i the link bike is about 1mm or two bigger and instead of filling it with exhaust sealant i heard theres a power bomb or mega bomb thats a mm bigger is that true if so which one is it thanks with this pipe its made a hell of a difference even with the pressure loss i got a 14t front cog no grey wire mod or yz throttle stop or airbox mod and it lifts off the throttle in second and ive got 95mph out of it so far

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95!? JESUS!

No, no, he's a troll... no grey wire, no throttle stop, and it throttle wheelies in second? my uncorked 450 barely does that, and it sure as hell wont do 95 without me being EXTREMELY worried about grenading the motor...

i weigh 8 stone and it does lift in second of the thottle.

I would recommend contacting FMF, they are pretty good about answering questions about their products.

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