crf230f rear spring set up for what weight?

Hey again TT!

My girlfriend picked up a 230F last season and it came with a Works rear shock with the reservoir, which I think is a fantastic upgrade to the stock suspension.

The problem is, the spring the guy had set up is rated for up to 240lbs, and lucky for my my girlfriend fall in way below that number.

She's comes in about 5'-10" and 135lbs.

The bike did come with the stock spring, but no stock shock. Does anyone know if the stock spring can be used on the work shock?

I haven't checked to see if it fits yet, but perhaps it will?

Is this a good option to see if we can get her bike closer to the proper sag she should have?

I checked with local shops around here and none have the Works spring thats rated from the 120-180 but it looks like I'd need to order it specifically from Works in the USA myself.

I am located in Canada so it's not the most "convenient", should I try the stock spring?

I'd be surprised if the stock spring didn't fit on the Works. If it was me, I'd be swapping the stocker on. I believe the spring is ideal for about a 150 lb. rider. Nothing wrong with the spring that I know of- it's the crappy shock and the way it's valved that's the problem with the stock setup. I had mine re-valved by Hlebo- works great and it still uses the stock spring.

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