Stator Compatablity?

Hey there. Recently picked up a project 2002 kx250. rebuilt the motor and had it ready to run until we found out the stators shot. Cant seem to find any 250 ones on ebay,does any one know if a 125 will work? How about other years? Seems to have the same backing plate which leads me to think it should work but I'd like to know for sure if anyone's tried it. Mainly concerned about flywheel clearance. Thanks

99-02 250s will all work, I think the 99-02 125s are the same stator but think the wires too short.


I have the same question.  I do know that the part numbers are different with the stator and CDI/Igniter, 99 vs. 02.  I have this question because there is no condenser on the 2002 and the 02 has Dual Stage ignition.  I want to drop my 02 motor in my 99 roller and was hoping to save time by using the 99 CDI and ignition without having to swap the wiring too.

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In 01 the igniter box was a single-ply model and much smaller than the 99-2000. The plug ends are way different as well. If you've got the ignitor from the 02 I'd just hook it up while you're at it.

Single plug I meant. The 99 and 2000 were dual plug ignitor and the wiring harness was different as well.

I was hoping to save time, I also dont see a condensor on the 2002 but there is one on the 99.

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