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1994 Honda XR100R cam no oil, bearings shot, chain fell off, HELP

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Hi, I bought a 1994 Honda xr100r for my 13 year old to ride. It was a project. The cam chain had come off and 2 valves were bent. I changed the cam chain, put in 2 new valves and we were off. It ran for a while, 2 trips, got harder to start and seized. On disassembly the cam chain had come off the cam gear again. The cam bearings(?) are shot so the cam wore out so much of the bearings the chain was loose. On inspecting it the oil galley that comes through the head it lines up with oil galley on the cam bearing away from the chain. The galley on the cam bearing by the chain runs through the cam holder and ends at the head, no place for the oil to flow to the bearing. Is there a way someone mismatched parts (XR80, xr100, different years) so the cam oil passages did not line up and no oil got to the bearings and ate the cam bearings? and cam? Maybe that is why the cam chain was off in the first place. There was oil in the top end when it was running, I had the cover off and it splashed all over. Dead in the water. Mike

OK I found the oil goes through one o0f the rocker shafts. I will, have to keep looking why it ate the bearings. Mike

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