Beadlocks on WR 400

I'm looking for opinions on whether to run both rear beadlocks or just one. Mostly I'm just woods riding on varied terrain with roots and rocks and am of average ability and weigh about 200 pounds. Maybe it is just me but changing the rear by hand with both locks is a real b***h! If you use 1, what do you put in the hole?

When I buy a tire from a dealer I have them install it for free or I don't buy it there.Most dealers will if you remove the wheel. It sounds like the terain your riding requires low tire presure and the 400 has lots of power

to cause the tire to slip and flats may ocure at the valve stem.

I had a post on this a while back. There were a lot of opinions. If you do a user name search for jchantzwr400f in the wr forum, you will see a post for rim locks. It was earlier this summer, so go back a couple of months and you'll see it.


It depends on how hard you ride if you need the 2. If your on the gas all the time and your only using 1 you have a greater chance you could spin the tire. If your just casually trail riding you should be fine with one.

There are little rubber plugs to use in the hole but I'm not sure where to get them. I know hardware stores sell items like that.

Somebody wanna offer up a theory as to why the YZ only has 1 rimlock and the WR has 2?


That was one of my questions. In fact, the DRZ's only have one. Don't know about XR's or KTM's.

Run two!

I've always drilled an extra hole on any bike I've had. If you get a flat, you are more likely to make it back to the truck with two. Helps to better balance the tire as well.

And buy two nice tire irons and learn to change the tire yourself!

Don't pay that dealer to do something that simple.

It is a rewarding task!

Been doing it since I was 14!

Matter of necessity!


Somebody wanna offer up a theory as to why the YZ only has 1 rimlock and the WR has 2?

Because the trip to the truck off the track is much shorter than if you are way out in the khack?

That is my guess.

Somebody wanna offer up a theory as to why the YZ only has 1 rimlock and the WR has 2?


Prob'ly because you have a better chance of riding the WR on a flat tire...

Here's my theory, a YZ has a 19" wheel, and "supposedly" an 18" wheel with a taller sidewall will have more traction, so the tire would slip easier than on a 19" wheel. I also say I have to agree with the whole "balance" thing too. I ice race all winter, and have had tires slip with only one beadlock (01 KX250), BUT there is an awful lot of traction in those 1000 :D screws in that back tire!! :)

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