Leaking coolant

Help i'm leaking coolant from under the water pump from what looks like a cast hole. Why?

Because your searching skills suck!!! :)

Been covered a bazillion times but your water pump seal is worn (and most likely the shaft as well) and your bike is nicely telling you to fix it by leaking coolant out a weep hole Yamaha designed to inform you of such.

Tons of how-to's on here. May even be some links in the pinned threads at the top of the forum.

If your bike has been sitting for a long time, this is normal.

The seal gets a small flat spot in it, and it will weep.

The weeping may last for years before the seal goes out.

....but if it goes out 50 miles from the truck, well, then waiting to fix it means 'you choose un-wisely'...

That's for your help. Still having major dramas trying to get the impeller off.

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