Anyone try this big brake kit yet?

While looking around on eBay I found this big brake kit for the SM. Looking at the price it's obviously made in China, but has anyone tried it yet?

Edited by bad mechanic

worth a try imo.price seems right.

I have looked at the same rotor kit.

My understanding is there is no real gain in going the extra 10mm and I think you will find this disc a semi-floater not a full floater

Perhaps look at some braided brake lines Maddog pointed out the 10 mm increase is not very noticeable..

Semi floaters work ok but not the bee's knee's when it comes to rotor efficiency ...

Yeah , quality pads , fresh fluid and a steel line

I already have new OEM pads, fresh fluid, and Hel braided lines.

My front rotor needs replacing soon and the OEM one costs $200, so now seems like the time to look at upgrading it, even if the additional 10mm isn't all that noticeable.

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