Carburetor up grades.

I have a 95 XR 250R that I'm restoring. New OEM carb is obsolete. In search of a new carb that will interchange. Does any one know what will fit. Intake/air box boots/cables. I want to keep it simple.

Looks like the 96carb PD61AA might be a canadet. Might just need to re-jet. Any thoughts on this. Any expertise would be much appreciated.

Thanks. GGJ


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Can't help with your specifics, but in general. LOTS guys fitting pumper carbs to old 4 strokes. I have one on my 400 and it really does give the bikes much snappier feeling. Faster to rev and just feels peppier.

Might be worth a little research to find out if their is a simple pumper carb swap since you have to mess with it anyway.

THINK the 250L came with a pumper carb but don't know if it's big enough to help much versus your stocker. I've seen discussions of guys fitting the CRF150R pumper to 250's.

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I haven't given up on the my stock PD 05b. But was looking at a 96 xr 250 PDG1A. Just not sure on the O.D bore sizes for the boots.

I swapped a 2001 carb onto my 86 250, but had to swap the throttle and cables as well.

I have an XR250L pumper carb on mine that has been re-jetted richer to XR250R specs (checkout some of my other threads posts & you will find the carby kit I used), As mentioned above the pumper carb makes it very snappy & I cant believe how well my little XR250 accelerates with the 250L carby

I have sent you a PM with a link to a good carby for you

Thanks to all. I'll check it out. Were headed out to a PRO race in Spokane WA. Four hour drive. Brrraaaap

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