2006 wr450 won't start, need your help, FUSTRATED!

I need help! I recently rebuilt my wr (new rings, timing chain) and ever since I can not get it start not even a putter. I have triple checked all electrical connections, tested all resistance values listed in the manual, timing, valve clearance, compression, I have spark, cleaned/checked carb, only thing I have not tried is a new battery. Anyone have any ideas or experienced the same thing? I'm ready to push this thing off a cliff. Thanks!

The most common issue for non-start after a (home) rebuild is cam and cam chain timing.

The markings on the stator, cam wheels, can be confusing.

Put the piston at verified TDC (pencil in the plug hole) with the lobes facing out, and re-inspect your TDC marks.

Otherwise, it's spark/air/fuel/compression

I have an 06 yz450 and i had the same problem, ended up being the stator.

I'm pretty sure timing is right piston is at tdc (used a pencil) lobes are facing out, dots on cam level with the head, the timing mark should be on the "I" correct?

Jmullins, did you have spark?

Mine just randomly started to not start...like you nothing. THought no way it could be the battery, it's only 8 months old. Sure enough, got a new battery and fired right up.

The battery voltage was staying low, but it wouldn't even kick start.

You might want to try that, or see if you could borrow a friends battery to see if that helps.

Thanks, I will be getting a battery tomorrow. I hope that's it.

Well not the battery, going to try a new coil next

If your bike ran prior to the rebuild, chances are it is not an electrical issue. You tested, got spark.

Was the plug wet with fuel?

Is the fuel fresh?

Was the carb drained?

Is the pilot jet new?

Have you tried kick starting it? The kick starter spins faster then the starter motor. Mine always started easier by kick start. Still starts with the push button just takes longer

I have tried kicking pushing and dragging. I read on another thread about a high rpm miss that is caused by a bad or going bad crank position sensor located within the stator, eventually they fail and cause the bike to run only at low rpm or cause a no start sit. New stator is in today, I will replace tonight and report

If it was a spark issue, don't you think you would be able to tell that? Ground spark plug to the motor, check for nice blue constant spark (obvious). If it has spark I think you will be chasing your tail on the ''electrical'' issue.

It is a 4-stroke so it could likely be on the wrong stroke to fire ie. 180* out but it should backfire at least.

The other thing it could be is fuel and battery.

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