YZ250 Seat Interchangeability

My YZ250 and YZ450F have been badly damaged after a 'drunk' driver rammed in to the back of my trailer while I was on the motorway on the way to a speed hill climb event.

The seat was ripped off the YZ250 and the base is beyond repair. A Yamaha item is no longer available so I need a used or pattern seat. As far as I can see it must be a 96 or 97 item: 4SS-24770-00-00 but is there any chance of fitting the 98-2000 version: 5DH-24770-00-00 ?

Any YZ125/250 seat from 1996 to 2001 will fit. The later seats were a bit lighter and I think a tiny bit taller/flatter.

Sorry about the drunk. :thumbsdn:

Many thanks! That opens up the options a lot. All being well the drunk's insurance company will be paying for it all.

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