Having a hard time standing on new bike

So after moving to my te630 from my ktm 950, I find I am having a lto of difficulty using the foot controls while standing. I feel like it is impossible to shift and like my legs are doing 100x more work standing up.

Is this just a problem of pegs/legs/controls geometry? I hope so and I plan to experiment a little. I just ordered some new fastways pegs that can be attached higher or lower than stock and plan to mess with the brake and shift lever positioning when they come in. I feel kind of like i need the brake and the shift lever forward about a 1/2 inch but that is not something I can adjust to my knowledge... Also feel like I cant get my foot pointed down enough to grab the shift lever but that the brake lever feels like its a hundred miles in the air... It is a little better since I used the brake cam thing on the rear brake to adjust it down a bit. But it is at its maximum and I feel like it needs to go even farther...

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