Knee Pain from over flexed riding position. Help!

I have a 05 CR250R I ride and race enduros and CC. I am 46 (I know, I am no spring chicken) and 6' tall. I am having problem with knee pain from having my knees in what I think is a over flexed riding position. When I am sitting on the bike it seems as though my knees are over flexed vs sitting on my 08 CRF450R. Going from sitting to standing on my 05 CR250R seems to be a larger range of motion in my knees vs other bikes I own, owned, or have rode. I prefer to stand while riding and will corner standing if the corner is not to tight. Anyone out there have this issue and if so what have you done to correct? I have purchased Fastway pegs and will put in the lower position and thinking about a taller seat.

Thanks in advance for the help!

I have a taller seat and bar risers 5mm and renthal 922 bend and both made a huge difference in upper body position. Tall seat is really tall from nstyle but its very firm. I am going to try fastways as i am 6'4..

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