What's Your Favorite Jersey and Pants?

Hey guys, just fingered I'd make a forum about your favorite or preferred jerseys. I have a moose racing right now and it seems kinda cheap. I've had Msr and Thor too. I like Msr the best so far. Why do you guys think? Feel free to talk about your favorite riding pants too. I have a nice pair of moose riding pants now (pretty nice) and have had Msr and Thor in pants too I liked Msr and I don't think you can go wrong with Thor but sometimes it just gets boring. Anyway, thanks guys.

For me I think it's about the route of riding you do. For MX, stuff just doesn't need to be as durable when it comes to the seams and such, where in the woods, you're are being hit and grabbed by foliage.

That said, and being a trail rider myself, I like the off road specific products. Klim has skme new vented gear that really has my interest. I am currently using both Moose Sahara, and Thor vented gear. The Moose is vented much better, but seems a bit more delicate. Fur colder conditions I have done MSR X-scape pants and jacket that are amazingly durable from 2010. It's still in very good shape and holds up to abuse, but as the weather warms up, forget it, you'll roast. I have found that I personally have almost no use for the in between gear. Either vented, or water proof over the boot stuff and a jacket.

I wear ONEAL gear. Great gear it's insanely reliable and is very sturdy. It's not too warm even when riding in 100• degrea wether wich happens a few times a year. Also is very warm during 20• degrea wether.

Whatever is onsale, but will not wear Monster/Rockstar/MetalMulish/Fox stuff. lol

This will be my next set...



I only have One and Fox stuff, the Fox stuff fits me a lot better. My son prefers Thor.

I've found I need pockets for desert rding. Most over the boot pants have them, but I like in the boot better for riding. Klim and the Troy Lee Adventure gear is all I've found that has at least a small pocket. Both pants have zippered vents, too. I liked them both.

The Troy Lee was lighter with a little better fit, zippered vents were nice. They lasted about a year before the zippers broke. Also only available in black/black-orange, with not much venting in the jersey, so it got a bit toasty during the summer.

My Klim Chinook pants are fairly new. They are a bit heavier and a little loose in the waist, but fit my knee guards better. The pockets are bigger and the zippers seem more durable. I have the Mojave vented jersey which keeps things cool on hot days; just throw a long sleeve thermal under if it's cold.

Klim Baja pants are available too and have full mesh vented thighs. I thought that might be overkill on the venting as I had some Mojave over the boot pants that have the same thing. One thing about Klim is that the crothch of the Mojave pants split open after a year. Hope that doesn't happen to my new ones 'cause they aren't exactly cheap and hard to find on sale.


Oneal Mayhem Pants and Jersey

Looks good. Holds Together.

Im still waiting to find some answer purple haze cheap lol

What ever is cheap but name brand.. I like the clearance of last years gear.. I dont care much about the "newest" crap (doesnt make me faster)

Loving my Klim setup! Over the boot - no breaking boot buckles, pockets!!! Tuff as nails so I won't have to buy new gear every season. I also have a set of Moose and its decent gear to. Klim is expensive but I just waited it out until the 2012 gear went on closeout and grabbed it for half the price.

This will be my next set...



Which one of the 250 guys was wearing this at the Vegas Supercross round. I like it....but for him...not me.

Whatever is on sale works for me. Currently using Fly Kinetic.

I like moose sahara pants as i need a new pair. It gets real muggy up here in the summer. but wish i could find it for less than 130 for a pair of pants!

I have a red Thor phase jersey and shift recon otb pants from a few years ago. What ever happened to smp and lbz? I used to love my purple velvet pants and silver glitter flame jersey.

I have always worn fox. But due to the increased amount of ass hats wearing fox "just because" I have decided that my next set of gear won't be fox lol. What do you guys think of the new shift gear?

Fox/Honda collab is what I wear. Granted, the gear is from the mid-2000s, but I like it and it fits great. Have the Fox COMP2 boots, very comfy for me and have saved my ankle a few times. They also hold up well to the old 500s kickstarter :D

I like One Ind gear... the fut and cut of the jersey is so comfortable. Collars have always rubbed my neck raw.. one jerseys have no collar or stitched cuffs either! So comfy and cool!

Least expensive closeout jersey I can get and black military style BDUs. Perfect combo.

AXO, they are quality made and high quality. The heat protectors on the pants are leather and feel really nice. I highly recommend them.

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