89 fl 400 pilot runs rich and has gotten worse over 2 years

any body have any expriance with these machines? this one used to run well but now just blubbers around

nothing changed, its just gotten worse and worse over time

i tore into it today found 1 chipped reed petal and cleaned the carb cleaned all electrical conections so now in with a new vforce and plug.

150 main

48 pilot

1 3/8 on the air screw

first clip pos

J35A needle

dual snorkel air box and free flowing filter

run at sea level oregon dunes

any one got any ideas? will the reeds clean it up?

its a lot better now, the book calls for second clip position 140 main and a 52 pilot.It's still rich but not so bad as before i'm thinking that tomorow in goes a 145 main and i will try and determine the stock needle number to compare to this J35A needle thats in it now on the first clip position-leanest

pretty dead topic on here. anybody have experiance with tough engagement in the trany? like it hops and skips a bit before engagement a little gentle throttle helps it take the gear?

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