lookin for ridin buddies

hello to all my fellow braaaapsters out there. Im in nor-cal, and am lookin to meet some people that ride, dont really kno anyone around here (sac area)- (Foothills). ive got a sick 98yz 400f stroker and need some people to ride with so hit me up!!! names zack... 530 210 8250 (-I

Zack whats up... Lets ride man. Im in Citrus heights. Headed to Riverfront MX this weekend,

Were in the Elkins flat area pretty much every weekend if not every other weekend. Hit me up anytime you wanna get in a ride.

BLAM... just like that you have ridin buddies. :thumbsup:

Wasn't it just yesterday that NorCal was flooded with nasties!

It's just exploded again.

Thank you Brian & Ud.

). ive got a sick 98yz 400f stroker

It sounds sick bro

Now this is a thread I could rate 5 stars...Well If it was So.Cal... :devil:

Good on you op... :thumbsup:

Ill come ridin with ya, how much you got?

It sounds sick bro


I'm going to ride on Friday at either GR or FH if the rain permitts. LMK!

GT not GR. lol.

Would like to go ssaturday to forest hill. Trying to find some people.

It sounds sick bro

Super tight yo. Hold on, lemme pull up my black socks up and make sure my hat is properly askew. Haha.

But seriously looks like you found some buddies, if your willing to respond, shoot I dont even get that kind of response looking for local riders, lol!

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